Monday, November 10, 2014

What’s a Good Tenant?

As tenants, valued customers, we always tend to defend our rights, but is it equally important that we also respect our landlords and our neighbors. It is also very important to form a good relationship with them. Being in good terms with your neighbors means lesser tension in common areas like the lift or the lobby while a good relationship with your landlord means having an upper hand in rental processes like renewing leases, renegotiating terms, and talking about repairs. These tips will help you get the perks from your landlords and neighbors.


Read and follow the Lease.

Understand your lease before you sign it. Know the rules that you have to follow. Ask your landlord if you have questions, and negotiate if there are things that you would like to be changed. Set things clear with your landlord and make sure everything is put into writing. Ask for a copy so that both parties are well-aware of the rules and the rights agreed upon. And of course, you have to make sure you don’t break the lease to avoid getting in trouble with your landlord. 


Treat your rental like your own

There are portions of the rental that are subject to wear and tear, but major damages will risk your deposit. Keep the property clean and in good condition to avoid frequent repairs. Maintaining the property well will make your landlord trust you more.

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