Monday, November 10, 2014

The Perks of Living in Westfield, London

One of the most in demand areas in London is Westfield because of all the convenience, comfort, and entertainment it brings. It has impressive schools, superb transport links, and fantastic pubs and restaurants. The area charms a lot of people who are looking for a place to transfer because of the better quality of life the area offers. A quick rundown about the area will tell you why it is a very ideal place for families to live in.

Why you should live at Westfield

Easy and accessible transportation options. Get to your destination however you prefer to travel. You can travel by bus, train, tube, coach, or car without any hassle. New crossings are also available for pedestrians and cycle routes and parking are readily available.

Booming social scenes. Enjoy the wide array of restaurants, pubs, and clubs. The area is home to the famous Your Vue Cinema. It boasts of its title as one of the best shopping centers in the United Kingdom. Shop all you can from high end to high street fashion. You’ll surely love the long line of boutiques and exhibition centers.

Excellent nearby schools. London’s best schools are in the Westfield from nursery schools such as Busy Bee to St. Paul’s for girls for secondary to several international schools to specialty schools such as Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Westfield, London also takes pride of its history and dedication to health and fitness. If you are already convinced to relocate or find a new place at Westfield, call our estate agent for inquiries. Build a home at Shepherds Bush or Hammersmith to free yourself from hassles and finally live a life of comfort, convenience, and fun.

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