Thursday, November 20, 2014

Turn Vacancies into Occupancies More Quickly

Real estate is a tough business. The competition is high, especially if your properties are located in urban areas. As an ordinary landlord, property management definitely means heavy work. Today’s world calls for dynamic marketing to suit various well-defined target markets, and knowing and using them is a must. You lose some pounds for each day that your properties are vacant. Here are effective suggestions that will get you renters as fast as you possibly can.

Combine traditional and current marketing strategies.

Your properties are not limited to one target market. Learn to be flexible. Use traditional marketing techniques such as flyers, signboards, and other printed materials. Let the people know that your property is for sale or for rent by placing a signboard outside and along nearby well-traveled routes. On the other hand, you should work on boosting your online presence. Get into the different social networks, and set up an interactive and mobile-responsive website. These two marketing techniques will surely get you far in the business.


Establish strong networks.

Learn how to expand your horizons. Look for referrals from your existing clients and join organizations or groups where you can find new connections. This is where you can test the strength of your rapport and your ability to close deals using only your power of persuasion.

Hold an open house.

For other clients, to see is to believe. Tidy up the house, make sure everything is working well, and glam it up a little. Contact realtors and potential home buyers. An open house is perhaps the best way to promote your property. The reactions and the actions are quicker than those for other marketing strategies.

If property management is a struggle for you, you can have someone else do the tasks. Juggling your personal life while having a very stable career is tough. Hiring Finlay Brewer will help conert your vacancies into occupancies faster. And undoubtedly, it can even increase your return of investment more rapidly.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Four Ways to Attract Generation Y Renters

Property management is a dynamic field. A clever property manager knows that in order to close deals, one has to know the right approach to use in selected target markets. Potential customers should be pleased and this entails leaning to pattern your marketing techniques to their specific demographics. The Generation Y is one of the hottest markets today. Though they are increasing in number, they are becoming hard to acquire because of their current preferences. Property managers often lose prospects in this generation. One potential reason is that they are being pushed for home ownership, but they actually prefer renting. How do you close deals in this hot market? 


Come up with a mobile responsive website design.

A vast majority of the Generation Y use their smartphones for almost all transactions and that includes loft hunting. This just means that it’s compulsory to have a mobile-optimized website. It’s not enough that they see pictures of available properties online. Make it attractive and informative. An interactive website makes your online presence strong and it’s what makes it visible to the Generation Y renters. 

Communicate through e-mail and SMS

Don’t be limited to meet-ups and calls. The clients will be delighted that you offer modern means of communication. Be a savvy property manager. Tell them you can accept scans, photocopies, or photographs of their IDs and other requirements (at least during the initial stages of your negotiation process). They’d love the fact that you value their time.


Accept digital transactions

Do you fancy checks, mail payments, and actual bank deposits? The Generation Y don’t. Add credit card payments, money wires, and other web-based options for payments. Look at it as an advantage on your part too. It’s more convenient. 

Be available 24/7

Offer flexibility in communicating with your clients. You’re likely to lose them when you strictly interact with them only during office hours. For existing tenants, this is particularly important. Have an on-call plumber, for instance. Residents will surely be pleased with that. For a traditional property manager, these may all sound like odd and tough work, but after getting a grip on everything, you’ll realize that it will also be more convenient for you. However, if you are a landlord who also seeks convenience, you can hire someone to do all the property management tasks on your behalf. Finlay Brewer will do it for you. Take the chance to acquire share in a very good market.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Your Own Home Sweet Home

Nothing can match the peace and comfort that a home brings. Although living in a flat comes with lots of perks, it is more ideal to buy a home especially if you are living with your family or if you are newlyweds who want to start your own brood. It is simply better in every sense. Let’s go through a rundown of the advantages of living in an individual house.

Why should you live in an individual house?

You get more freedom. Flats and apartments often don’t allow alterations in the interiors. When you decide to buy your own house, you get to choose and apply your own design preferences. You also get to have a garden where you can build on your interests. This also means you are free to have as many pets as you like.

You are free from unnecessary noise from the next door tenants. Not all flats are constructed with sound-proof walls.This means that being disturbed from your sleep is not far from possible if your neighbors like to host parties.

An independent house delivers privacy. You never know if the tenants next door eavesdrop on you and your husband’s petty arguments. Flats compromise the privacy that we all crave for when we are at home.

It provides more space for a growing family. Build another floor or have another room constructed for your children. This wouldn’t matter if you own a house. The lot is yours and there will be no additional rent to pay.

Many people choose to live in flats because they believe that individual houses are not secure enough. But this is only because they live in unfavorable areas that are not suitable for families. Finlay Brewer can provide you a wide list of ideal homes in safer areas such as in Hammersmith or in Acton.

Our estate agents are more than willing to help you find the perfect home you’ve been looking for. Finlay Brewer will help you live in your own home sweet home.

Finding a Place in London: Get Reliable Estate Agents in Brook Green

There are many estate agencies that specialise in finding and selling certain kinds of houses or properties to choose from. Homeowners and buyers would have to do their homework and find out more about these firms. In the same way that home and property owners have to exercise caution before selling their respective properties, they too should learn how to distinguish assessments made by estate agents regarding the value of their properties. Finding reliable estate agents in Brook Green then wouldn’t have to be difficult. Finding a property and having to maintain it at the same time can sometimes be problematic. There are also estate agencies that can also act as property managers for homeowners with two or more properties, landlords or tenants (if the property is to be rented out). Dealing with tenants, collecting rent and doing renovations, and other concerns are all tasks you wouldn’t have to do on your own.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Benefits of Living in a Flat

Moving out is an important decision in a person’s life. It signals a lot of changes. It is a transition from living a dependent life to a life of utmost freedom. After you’ve made up your mind that you’re going to live on your own, the next thing to worry about is whether you will reside in a house or a flat. Here in London, one of the most ideal places to start living an independent life is in the Westfield area. Let’s go through some of the advantages that come with residing in a flat in Westfield, London.

The Perks:

Flats are secure. You can go on a long vacation without worrying about your valuables. While you are away, your flat will still be in the same condition you left it.

It has a power and water backup. There are lesser problems of power and water interruptions. You are free from these hassles. Dinner plans don’t get cancelled just because you can’t bake in the oven.

It has ample parking spaces. Parking slots are well-defined. There’s no need of rushing to get home just because you don’t have a place to park your car.

Getting help is easier. Unlike being in a house, calling an electrician or plumber is easier when you live in a flat. Oftentimes, they are on call.

Ideal for adults living alone. Living alone can be lonely at times. If you stay in a flat, you get to have next door neighbors. Having no relatives who live nearby will not be a problem. You can always get acquainted from people in the other units.

The catch is that not all flats are well-managed. You have to find a good estate agent to help you look for the ideal flats. Finlay Brewer, for one, can provide you with a list of the perfect flat that caters to your needs. Call our estate agent for flats in Hammersmith, Acton, or Shepherds Bush, and get ready to live a life of independence and convenience.

Brook Green Estate Agents will Help You Make your Investment Pay off

There’s just no letting up on the rising cost of living everywhere you go. In the United Kingdom and Scotland, the cost of renting a home has risen drastically over the last two months. A recent article in announced the news that has professional Brook Green estate agents glued to industry updates, ready to report further developments to their clients. The average advertised rent in Great Britain increased by 6.56% in July 2014 compared to the same time last year, reaching £1,029 per month, the latest index shows. National rents surpassed the £1,000 per month mark in June 2014, and since then have continued to climb steadily, rising an average of £11 per month over the past four weeks…

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Secure a Property to Rent in Acton: Proving You Will Be a Good Tenant

One neighbourhood for London renters to consider is Acton, and fortunately, it’s easy to find reliable estate agents like those from Finlay Brewer Limited to show them around. Acton is a large area brimming with all the essentials (parks, museums, restaurants, supermarkets, malls, shops, and pubs), as well as easy access to transportation. However, first-timers can expect to encounter lots of folks hoping to secure a property to rent in Acton too, so the former have to put their best foot forward. That in mind, how can they convince landlords to say yes to them in spite of more experienced aspiring renters?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dealing with Unruly Neighbors

We are all entitled to live in a peaceful neighborhood. Unfortunately, some of you may live beside neighbors who have disruptive behaviors. Imagine rushing to go home after a long day at work only to find out that your neighbor is having a wet and wild party at his flat. Your comfort and rest hours are compromised. When it happens, you have all the reason to knock at his door and complain. No one wants to get things out of hand. There are effective ways on how to deal with this kind of neighbors.


What are disruptive behaviors?

When neighbors simply annoy you just because they have different preferences thank you, it does not qualify to be a disruptive behavior. You also can’t complain when their noise is associated with something that is usual in daily life such as a baby’s noise. Disruptive behaviors include excessive noise, intimidation, offensive behavior, and unusual smells, frequent domestic arguments that can be heard through your walls, theft, vandalism, and verbal or physical abuse between neighbors or visitors.

What actions should you take?

Before marching down the hallway and point fingers at your neighbor, make sure you review your legal rights and responsibilities and your points are rational and reasonable. If possible, keep a list of the dates of the disruptive events and all the other details such as its description and how it affected you. Call or visit your landlord to inform him about your issues and be ready for arguments or compromise.

A home is a place for comfort and rest. There’s no other place to go if you also get stressed when you’re at home. If problems persist, maybe you should consider looking for another place to rent. Find a good estate agent that will offer you flats or houses in a peaceful and quite neighborhood.

What’s a Good Tenant?

As tenants, valued customers, we always tend to defend our rights, but is it equally important that we also respect our landlords and our neighbors. It is also very important to form a good relationship with them. Being in good terms with your neighbors means lesser tension in common areas like the lift or the lobby while a good relationship with your landlord means having an upper hand in rental processes like renewing leases, renegotiating terms, and talking about repairs. These tips will help you get the perks from your landlords and neighbors.


Read and follow the Lease.

Understand your lease before you sign it. Know the rules that you have to follow. Ask your landlord if you have questions, and negotiate if there are things that you would like to be changed. Set things clear with your landlord and make sure everything is put into writing. Ask for a copy so that both parties are well-aware of the rules and the rights agreed upon. And of course, you have to make sure you don’t break the lease to avoid getting in trouble with your landlord. 


Treat your rental like your own

There are portions of the rental that are subject to wear and tear, but major damages will risk your deposit. Keep the property clean and in good condition to avoid frequent repairs. Maintaining the property well will make your landlord trust you more.

Are you ready to be a good tenant? If you still haven’t found the perfect place to rent, you can check lettings at Finlay Brewer’s website. There you will find great flats and houses up for lease. Renting a really nice place such as those handled by Finlay Brewer would make tenancy easy. After all, when you’re satisfied with the place where you live, taking care of it wouldn’t be such a chore.

Tips on How to Become a Successful Landlord

Starting and maintaining a property management company can be quite tough. There will be constant complaints from the tenants and endless list of repairs to be done. Being a landlord is difficult especially with the stress and the responsibilities that come with it, but there are ways on how you can juggle all these together smoothly. Learn three basic tips on how to be an effective landlord. 


Treat your business seriously.

Most landlords only see property management as a hobby rather than a business. Most have day jobs so they only look at this business as an extra means of generating income. But, once you start to perceive it as a real business, more amazing things can happen. Be involved and you’ll realize that this venture is promising.


Build a Good Relationship with your Tenants.

Avoid looking at tenants as dollar signs, but also avoid being too personal with them. Create a meaningful professional connection that fosters respect and dignity. Aside from marketing yourself as a great landlord, it will also make transactions easier for both of you with regards to payments, repairs, and even rent increase after a period of time.

Get Help.

If all the responsibilities are just too much for you to handle, you can simply find a reputable property manager to get things done for you. There is nothing wrong in asking for help if you need it. Also, hiring one gives you more time to concentrate on your day job or your family. A property manager also works to increase your return on investment and bring more profit. If your area is around Brook Green or Askew Road, then Finlay Brewer is the team that you need. We’ll work on making you one successful landlord.

The Perks of Living in Westfield, London

One of the most in demand areas in London is Westfield because of all the convenience, comfort, and entertainment it brings. It has impressive schools, superb transport links, and fantastic pubs and restaurants. The area charms a lot of people who are looking for a place to transfer because of the better quality of life the area offers. A quick rundown about the area will tell you why it is a very ideal place for families to live in.

Why you should live at Westfield

Easy and accessible transportation options. Get to your destination however you prefer to travel. You can travel by bus, train, tube, coach, or car without any hassle. New crossings are also available for pedestrians and cycle routes and parking are readily available.

Booming social scenes. Enjoy the wide array of restaurants, pubs, and clubs. The area is home to the famous Your Vue Cinema. It boasts of its title as one of the best shopping centers in the United Kingdom. Shop all you can from high end to high street fashion. You’ll surely love the long line of boutiques and exhibition centers.

Excellent nearby schools. London’s best schools are in the Westfield from nursery schools such as Busy Bee to St. Paul’s for girls for secondary to several international schools to specialty schools such as Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Westfield, London also takes pride of its history and dedication to health and fitness. If you are already convinced to relocate or find a new place at Westfield, call our estate agent for inquiries. Build a home at Shepherds Bush or Hammersmith to free yourself from hassles and finally live a life of comfort, convenience, and fun.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hunting for Ideal Flats to Rent in Hammersmith: Narrowing Your Choices

The real estate market in London has been doing well in recent months. As such, you may have contemplated whether you should purchase a home or if you should continue your search for Hammersmith flats to rent. If so, you may want to ask this important question, courtesy of The Telegraph: Will you be financially stretched if you buy? One of the downsides to owning a property is that all the maintenance costs fall to you, rather than the landlord. A leaky roof, burst pipes or electrical problems might become an unexpected financial headache, and you need to make sure you can afford it. If your answer to the question above is a resounding yes, it sounds like you should continue renting for a few more years. After all, buying a home before you’re ready to do so can end in unfavourable results.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Taking Advantage of the Market through Shepherd’s Bush Estate Agents

A check of the neighbourhood works well in identifying properties you should aim for. The report noted that house prices in London did not change in July, 2014, but revealed a 32.3% rise in property supplies. An official interviewed for the article admitted that while demand is down around 3% over the past year, it only attested to fewer buyers contesting a single property due to the larger spread of potential places; you can use this to better position yourself at the offer stage. Buying a new house or putting it up on the selling block will be a tough decision to make. Reputable estate agents in Shepherds Bush like the Finlay Brewer team can guide you in marketing your place.