Monday, November 10, 2014

Dealing with Unruly Neighbors

We are all entitled to live in a peaceful neighborhood. Unfortunately, some of you may live beside neighbors who have disruptive behaviors. Imagine rushing to go home after a long day at work only to find out that your neighbor is having a wet and wild party at his flat. Your comfort and rest hours are compromised. When it happens, you have all the reason to knock at his door and complain. No one wants to get things out of hand. There are effective ways on how to deal with this kind of neighbors.


What are disruptive behaviors?

When neighbors simply annoy you just because they have different preferences thank you, it does not qualify to be a disruptive behavior. You also can’t complain when their noise is associated with something that is usual in daily life such as a baby’s noise. Disruptive behaviors include excessive noise, intimidation, offensive behavior, and unusual smells, frequent domestic arguments that can be heard through your walls, theft, vandalism, and verbal or physical abuse between neighbors or visitors.

What actions should you take?

Before marching down the hallway and point fingers at your neighbor, make sure you review your legal rights and responsibilities and your points are rational and reasonable. If possible, keep a list of the dates of the disruptive events and all the other details such as its description and how it affected you. Call or visit your landlord to inform him about your issues and be ready for arguments or compromise.

A home is a place for comfort and rest. There’s no other place to go if you also get stressed when you’re at home. If problems persist, maybe you should consider looking for another place to rent. Find a good estate agent that will offer you flats or houses in a peaceful and quite neighborhood.

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