Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Four Ways to Attract Generation Y Renters

Property management is a dynamic field. A clever property manager knows that in order to close deals, one has to know the right approach to use in selected target markets. Potential customers should be pleased and this entails leaning to pattern your marketing techniques to their specific demographics. The Generation Y is one of the hottest markets today. Though they are increasing in number, they are becoming hard to acquire because of their current preferences. Property managers often lose prospects in this generation. One potential reason is that they are being pushed for home ownership, but they actually prefer renting. How do you close deals in this hot market? 


Come up with a mobile responsive website design.

A vast majority of the Generation Y use their smartphones for almost all transactions and that includes loft hunting. This just means that it’s compulsory to have a mobile-optimized website. It’s not enough that they see pictures of available properties online. Make it attractive and informative. An interactive website makes your online presence strong and it’s what makes it visible to the Generation Y renters. 

Communicate through e-mail and SMS

Don’t be limited to meet-ups and calls. The clients will be delighted that you offer modern means of communication. Be a savvy property manager. Tell them you can accept scans, photocopies, or photographs of their IDs and other requirements (at least during the initial stages of your negotiation process). They’d love the fact that you value their time.


Accept digital transactions

Do you fancy checks, mail payments, and actual bank deposits? The Generation Y don’t. Add credit card payments, money wires, and other web-based options for payments. Look at it as an advantage on your part too. It’s more convenient. 

Be available 24/7

Offer flexibility in communicating with your clients. You’re likely to lose them when you strictly interact with them only during office hours. For existing tenants, this is particularly important. Have an on-call plumber, for instance. Residents will surely be pleased with that. For a traditional property manager, these may all sound like odd and tough work, but after getting a grip on everything, you’ll realize that it will also be more convenient for you. However, if you are a landlord who also seeks convenience, you can hire someone to do all the property management tasks on your behalf. Finlay Brewer will do it for you. Take the chance to acquire share in a very good market.

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