Friday, January 30, 2015

Work with a Finlay Brewer Estate Agent

Selling your home, buying a home or renting are all big events in your life, and right decisions need to be made. With the help the qualified estate agents of Finlay Brewer, looking for a buyer or tenant for your home or apartment can be easier. Whether you’re selling or looking, you will need an estate agent’s help to get the job done. 

Before you consider doing the selling and marketing yourself, understand how real estate agents can work with you. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should work with a Finlay Brewer estate agent and property managers.

They will help you save time – an estate agent knows exactly how to ensure that property inspections and viewings go off without any hassle. An estate agent can help screen renters or buyers that are not serious to help you avoid visits that would be a waste of time. They can also keep track of prospective buyers or renters and follow up on leads.

They are knowledgeable about your local area – being familiar about your local area is a good selling point for an estate agent. The right estate agent will not only have a broad general knowledge of the real estate market, but will also use facts about your community. This information could be about demographics, housing prices, transportation, parks and recreation, schools and local politics.

They can effectively promote and market your home – selling your property or getting a property in the shortest span of time is the expertise of estate agents. Estate agents can give you advice about marketing, advertising and using media to meet your goal. Expect in-depth advice and full marketing strategy from them.

For more information, contact a Finlay Brewer estate agent today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Buying or Renting: What’s the Difference?

The real estate market is truly a place full of options for potential home buyers. But always consider the fact that there are factors that can affect your plan in home buying. Most home buyers today are now given two options when entering the real estate market: whether to buy a home or to rent one. Both have their pros and cons, so as a home buyer, try to read into these factors and see where your current status and situation can fit before you talk to your estate agent.


Although you cannot build equity, the strongest advantage of renting a home is giving you freedom and flexibility, most specifically in terms of month-to-month lease. Maintenance is also not required when you are renting. Electricity or water problems won’t be much of a cumbersome for you; just dial your superintendent or landlord and they will handle the rest. Moving in and out is also an advantage in renting. It is easier to move out of the house than to sell your home.


With buying a house, your main advantage is to build equity. Another advantage is the stable housing payments. You are in control to how you want to handle your house expenses. You can also see your house as an investment. You can gain more profit by selling a house as long as you keep it in great shape.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Acton Estate Agents will Help You Navigate the London Property Market

Sterling strength will remain to be the most important factor in determining how London’s residential property market will perform in 2015. Minor fluctuations in the U.K. currency, plus the potential tax increase on higher value homes, may turn off some potential buyers and investors, though the obstacles presented by these issues can be overcome with the help of professional estate agents such as seasoned Brook Green estate agents Finlay Brewer, who know the market well enough to match buyers with the right properties. First time investors stand to benefit the most from working with prolific estate agents in Acton. Finlay Brewer, for instance, have many years of experience, so they’ll listen to what you want and will help you find the right property. With three offices across West London they will help you find the right home or investmant in the right neighbourhood.

New Year and Real Estate Trends

Every year, more and more people are investing to buy their own house. With different sizes and different locations, types of homes have drastically changed through the years. From bungalows, 2-storeys, to condo units, each type of home has a specific target of buyers. This year 2015, new trends in the real estate industry are starting to emerge. Here are some of the trends that you need to look out for if you are buying or selling a home this 2015.


Improved Market for Buyers

2015 is expected to be a good year for home buyers, more specifically for middle class home buyers. Calling your trusted estate agent this year will be a good thing because more and more homes for sale would become price-friendly in the market due to home prices being expected to flatten out this year. Top that off with low interest rates and a stable economy, and we see that the field of real estate is healthy and buyers can enjoy its wealth this 2015.

Low Rates to Stay This Year for Mortgages

2015 is a prosperous year ahead as interest rates are going to stay low due to geopolitical unrest. Inflation will be in check, and even lower oil prices will be felt. This will pave way for more buyers who are planning to buy homes this year to pursue their plans.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hammersmith Estate Agents Help You Find Properties Worth their Value

Various developers are building sleek offices, flats, and shops, which are bringing Hammersmith into a new era and broadening its appeal. With attractive public parks and the river for recreation and it’s excellent transport links by road, overground and underground Hammersmith is becoming one of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods. If you’re interested in relocating to the area, experienced estate agents in Hammersmith like Finlay Brewer will gladly help you explore your options, whether you are looking to buy or to rent a house or a flat. These local experts will offer personal advice on finding you your perfect home.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Choosing a Property Management Company

Managing your own properties by yourself is possible, but if you want a more secure investment and more time for your primary career and family, hiring a property management company is something to consider. Choosing the right company is not easy. There are many criteria to look at before you can compare the several management firms in the market.

The first thing to consider is the type of your property. Look for firms that specialize in residential properties because they have the expertise in your area of investment. Also, it is not enough that you just hire a property management company or a real estate agent that you only found in the local directories. It is important to scrutinize their credibility and reputation, too.


After looking at the basics, make a checklist of other things that you need before you finally choose a property management company. Here are some of the most important services that you need to look at:

• Vacancy advertisements

• Tenant screenings

• Property showcases

• Rent collection

• Maintenance control

• Accounting

• Liability insurance

• Fee structure

If your property is in West London, Kensington, or Ealing, Finlay Brewer is the team to trust. We can help you groom your property for the highly competitive rental market. We are comprised of property professionals who are dedicated to giving the best service for both landlords and tenants. Don’t hesitate to call us or visit us so we can discuss your property and your success in this business