Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Choosing a Property Management Company

Managing your own properties by yourself is possible, but if you want a more secure investment and more time for your primary career and family, hiring a property management company is something to consider. Choosing the right company is not easy. There are many criteria to look at before you can compare the several management firms in the market.

The first thing to consider is the type of your property. Look for firms that specialize in residential properties because they have the expertise in your area of investment. Also, it is not enough that you just hire a property management company or a real estate agent that you only found in the local directories. It is important to scrutinize their credibility and reputation, too.


After looking at the basics, make a checklist of other things that you need before you finally choose a property management company. Here are some of the most important services that you need to look at:

• Vacancy advertisements

• Tenant screenings

• Property showcases

• Rent collection

• Maintenance control

• Accounting

• Liability insurance

• Fee structure

If your property is in West London, Kensington, or Ealing, Finlay Brewer is the team to trust. We can help you groom your property for the highly competitive rental market. We are comprised of property professionals who are dedicated to giving the best service for both landlords and tenants. Don’t hesitate to call us or visit us so we can discuss your property and your success in this business

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