Thursday, October 9, 2014

Setting the Stage

Staging is not a requirement to sell your estate, but it is recommended. Before doing anything, first you need to identify your target market, and consider getting help from a professional.

Estate sales require a lot of paper work. One must make sure that the title, taxes, mortgages, billing, and all safety codes are taken care of before putting the property up for sale. Also identifying possible prospects is a must to set the selling price, and effectively land a buyer. This entails determining what type of neighborhood you are living in: is it young (single active people) or mature (families)? Determining if it’s hip or conservative will help you on how to stage your home.

An estate agent from has the expertise on paper work, and the estate market. Hiring one is a no brainer, especially when you’re having trouble identifying your target market.


A handsome looking house sells fast. That means you have to set aside a budget for renovations and repairs.

Welcome buyers with a warm appeal not from your exteriors alone, but include the living room, kitchen, and the master bedroom. You can transform these spaces by making simple repairs like patching up holes on the wall, replacing wall paint/paper, fixing drawer doors just to name a few. Turning your bathroom into spa, does not require much spending. Simply replacing the old-stained mirror with a new one would work. You can take things further by replacing the towel bars, tissue holder, waste basket, and trays as an ensemble. As an option, add soft white towels, toiletries, soaps, and scented candles as a complement to that smooth finish.

Decor and furniture need to be carefully selected around the house. Paintings should complement the theme you’ve chosen for the room. Avoid being specific with art as not to turn off buyers from a room. Room size and furniture quantity should be proportional. This is important to ease prospects in, instead of repelling them from an overfilled room.

Here are just a few staging suggestions that make a quick sale. When going through the process, it’s you who make the ultimate decisions. Careful planning and proper execution is required for a successful staging. So, take your time and make sure to cover all bases for a successful property sale.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting the Perfect Flat Mate

Independence gives you a chance to mature, and become responsible. Living alone lets you discover something new about yourself daily, which is truly exciting. Your time is not shared with anyone, which allows you to do anything you want. Such liberties include: leaving the TV on 24/7, walking around the flat naked, party all you want, and many more. Freedom!

Alone in the Universe

However, the downside is you are alone. And the burden of paying for the rent, council taxes, electric, water, gas, insurance, phone line, repairs, and food to name a few fall on you. These factors make independence a nightmare.

You probably already guess what you need. Yes! You need a flat-mate.

How to Get One?

Posting about a spare room you have on guarantees instant inquiries from people seeking lettings. Easy! And if you want a more personal approach, narrow down your target area by posting a few flyers on notice boards in your neighborhood.

Attract the Right Mate

It’s a good thing to be prim and proper when you’re living with someone. Holding back on a few quirks ensures that your new flat-mate won’t get alienated.

 Then again it you’re flat, you want to be as comfy as possible. Getting a perfect flat-mate is a must! Quite a conundrum, but the solution is simple. Just be honest.

On your letting post, write down your likes, and dislikes. Describe yourself truthfully (surely you’re not a monster).

When entertaining prospects, tell them all financial obligations you expect from them. Ask about food allergies/preference, habits, profession, and groups their part of. Then make sure to return the favor by allowing them to ask questions about you/flat as well.

These suggestions might just help you to find a flat-mate you can live with now. And perhaps with ample time make a friendship that last a lifetime.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Keys to Searching for the Right Flat

Flat searches require a lot of work. Identifying your needs versus your wants is a good way to start.


Everybody wants to live in a thousand square foot apartment. That’s furnished with posh couches, tables, beds, cabinets, and many more. That would be the life, but reality bites. One must make a purchase in accordance to his needs. When you’re single you can make limited space cozy. However, if you have a family more square footage is required.


The Neighborhood

Each district has its own unique appeal that complicates your decision making on which flat to choose. Keep it simple by again reflecting on your needs. Being single (in a way) only requires you to live near your work, gym, and places to hang out. Families require more facilities to be nearby, such as the market, schools, church, park, bank, hospital, commute, and yes the list is endless. Considering these factors brings you closer to your flat.

Keep Asking

The letting agent is not required to tell you everything, but is bound to tell the truth. Clever questions get you the best deal. Questions like what’s the minimum price, what’s included, council tax, and the average on utility bills works to your advantage. So don’t hold back!



The right apartment for you also attracts others. Making an offer on the spot may not be effective. A smart maneuver is to compromise on negotiating on rent, removal of furniture (if flat is furnished), and pets if any. Doing these is difficult (not required), but puts you on top.

These factors require you to get the right letting agent, which agrees with compromise. Good thing Finlay Brewer has enough experience on property lettings, which gives them the ability to recognize a good deal when they see one.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Responsibilities in Letting Properties

The Landlord

Letting property comes with a lot of responsibility. An owner should make sure that all utilities such as water, electric, and gas follow safety standards.

Repairs for these are also shouldered by the landlord including the roof, chimney, walls guttering and drains. Security deposits do not go to a private bank account, but should be deposited onto a government approved deposit protection scheme. Rent ask should follow regulation, and collections are the responsibility of the landlord.

Privacy should also be respected. Owners are not entitled to come as they please. They have the responsibility to notify tenants for visits. Even with repairs, they have to make sure that tenants can live in the house without interference.


The Tenant

The law has strict estate guidelines for landlords to follow, which means tenants get to live in a comfy space.

This entails having the right to know who the owner is, and see the emergency performance certificate on the property.

 Excessively high charges are allowed to be challenged. And if there’s a tenancy agreement; it should comply with the law.

Posh privileges also bind the tenant with a few responsibilities. One must take good care of the property; compensate for repairs when the tenant causes damage. Paying the rent on time is very important to avoid disputes. And subletting the property depends on the contract or if the landlord would allow it; if you require it, going through the proper channels is a must.

Property Manager

People move in and out of residences all the time. And every time this happens tenants and landlords don’t really have a blast. Issues like rent, and security deposits can get complicated. Avoiding it is possible through the help of a third party. A property management firm such as Finlay Brewer serves as a guardian for both parties when it comes to collections, insurance, and many more. So, getting a third party involved is simply a no-brainer.