Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting the Perfect Flat Mate

Independence gives you a chance to mature, and become responsible. Living alone lets you discover something new about yourself daily, which is truly exciting. Your time is not shared with anyone, which allows you to do anything you want. Such liberties include: leaving the TV on 24/7, walking around the flat naked, party all you want, and many more. Freedom!

Alone in the Universe

However, the downside is you are alone. And the burden of paying for the rent, council taxes, electric, water, gas, insurance, phone line, repairs, and food to name a few fall on you. These factors make independence a nightmare.

You probably already guess what you need. Yes! You need a flat-mate.

How to Get One?

Posting about a spare room you have on Finlaybrewer.co.uk guarantees instant inquiries from people seeking lettings. Easy! And if you want a more personal approach, narrow down your target area by posting a few flyers on notice boards in your neighborhood.

Attract the Right Mate

It’s a good thing to be prim and proper when you’re living with someone. Holding back on a few quirks ensures that your new flat-mate won’t get alienated.

 Then again it you’re flat, you want to be as comfy as possible. Getting a perfect flat-mate is a must! Quite a conundrum, but the solution is simple. Just be honest.

On your letting post, write down your likes, and dislikes. Describe yourself truthfully (surely you’re not a monster).

When entertaining prospects, tell them all financial obligations you expect from them. Ask about food allergies/preference, habits, profession, and groups their part of. Then make sure to return the favor by allowing them to ask questions about you/flat as well.

These suggestions might just help you to find a flat-mate you can live with now. And perhaps with ample time make a friendship that last a lifetime.

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