Saturday, October 4, 2014

Keys to Searching for the Right Flat

Flat searches require a lot of work. Identifying your needs versus your wants is a good way to start.


Everybody wants to live in a thousand square foot apartment. That’s furnished with posh couches, tables, beds, cabinets, and many more. That would be the life, but reality bites. One must make a purchase in accordance to his needs. When you’re single you can make limited space cozy. However, if you have a family more square footage is required.


The Neighborhood

Each district has its own unique appeal that complicates your decision making on which flat to choose. Keep it simple by again reflecting on your needs. Being single (in a way) only requires you to live near your work, gym, and places to hang out. Families require more facilities to be nearby, such as the market, schools, church, park, bank, hospital, commute, and yes the list is endless. Considering these factors brings you closer to your flat.

Keep Asking

The letting agent is not required to tell you everything, but is bound to tell the truth. Clever questions get you the best deal. Questions like what’s the minimum price, what’s included, council tax, and the average on utility bills works to your advantage. So don’t hold back!



The right apartment for you also attracts others. Making an offer on the spot may not be effective. A smart maneuver is to compromise on negotiating on rent, removal of furniture (if flat is furnished), and pets if any. Doing these is difficult (not required), but puts you on top.

These factors require you to get the right letting agent, which agrees with compromise. Good thing Finlay Brewer has enough experience on property lettings, which gives them the ability to recognize a good deal when they see one.

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