Thursday, October 9, 2014

Setting the Stage

Staging is not a requirement to sell your estate, but it is recommended. Before doing anything, first you need to identify your target market, and consider getting help from a professional.

Estate sales require a lot of paper work. One must make sure that the title, taxes, mortgages, billing, and all safety codes are taken care of before putting the property up for sale. Also identifying possible prospects is a must to set the selling price, and effectively land a buyer. This entails determining what type of neighborhood you are living in: is it young (single active people) or mature (families)? Determining if it’s hip or conservative will help you on how to stage your home.

An estate agent from has the expertise on paper work, and the estate market. Hiring one is a no brainer, especially when you’re having trouble identifying your target market.


A handsome looking house sells fast. That means you have to set aside a budget for renovations and repairs.

Welcome buyers with a warm appeal not from your exteriors alone, but include the living room, kitchen, and the master bedroom. You can transform these spaces by making simple repairs like patching up holes on the wall, replacing wall paint/paper, fixing drawer doors just to name a few. Turning your bathroom into spa, does not require much spending. Simply replacing the old-stained mirror with a new one would work. You can take things further by replacing the towel bars, tissue holder, waste basket, and trays as an ensemble. As an option, add soft white towels, toiletries, soaps, and scented candles as a complement to that smooth finish.

Decor and furniture need to be carefully selected around the house. Paintings should complement the theme you’ve chosen for the room. Avoid being specific with art as not to turn off buyers from a room. Room size and furniture quantity should be proportional. This is important to ease prospects in, instead of repelling them from an overfilled room.

Here are just a few staging suggestions that make a quick sale. When going through the process, it’s you who make the ultimate decisions. Careful planning and proper execution is required for a successful staging. So, take your time and make sure to cover all bases for a successful property sale.

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