Friday, April 17, 2015

Remembering the 3 P’s of Property Management

Hiring a property manager or an estate agent plays an important role in your property purchase. If you are planning to hire one, you should find the best of the best. And what better way to get the best candidates than to know the golden rules that they must adhere to? An effective and efficient property manager must possess the 3 P’s of property management: Philosophize, Prioritize and Personalize.


This is what sets a good property manager apart from other property managers. It is not about how a property manager sends his platitudes to his client; rather this is how he manages the process in his own style, his own view. A good property manager knows how to listen and has an objective. Having an open mind also helps a property manager in handling the whole process.


Another important trait is the ability to make each second count. A good property manager must make his own time table and plan that will exhaust all the time that he has. This also means using resources effectively for research, planning and so on.


Finally, a good property manager must learn how to engage interaction and make a connection with all the people the he works with and works for. This will make the property manager more knowledgeable in working with various types of people.

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