Friday, March 13, 2015

Tips for Moving to London

Moving to London from another city or country is a big step to take. Whether you’re moving to London for a job or for school, there are many things to consider before making the big move. From looking for a house or flat, public transport, culture, important documents to bank accounts, here is your guide to moving to London.

While many of us have dreams about moving to a different country, the first thing you need is to qualify to move there. If you come from the European Union then there’s no issue with immigration and visas. If you’re from any other part of the world, then you’ll need to get the necessary visa.

The second thing you need to know about London is how big the city is and how the different areas are described (North, East, South, West; zones; boroughs; postcodes). Wherever you choose to live in London, the whole area is well served by the public transport system of buses and the underground train system, known us The Tube or The Underground.

Once you have decided to move to London, you’ll need to decide the type of housing you’re looking for. With the help of an estate agent or friends and family members, if you have any in London, you’ll eventually find sublet to lease. Be advised that finding a place in London can be challenging due to the fast market; one day you’re in for a bid then the next day it’s gone. Having a reliable estate agent like Finlay Brewer can get you the best results.

 What other tips can you share about moving to London?

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