Friday, September 5, 2014

Some Tips on Staging Your Home for the Market

When it comes to presenting your home in the market, being well organized in your presentation is one of the traits that attract potential buyers. When the house is free of clutter, clean and displayed well, you are not only giving good impression of yourself: you’re also providing a vision for the buyers to move in to a loving home. The real estate agents of Finlay Brewer have a few suggestions on how to present your house and viewings.

Organized State of Mind

If you’re still living in the house that you already put on the market, only accept viewings that have been scheduled with your agent and the buyers. You’ll need time to put away toys, clothes, ornaments and other appliances that you have in your house, and sudden viewings rarely afford you that kind of time. Remove personal things lying around the house like your purse, computer, shoes and other appliances. Remember that you are selling your property, not your possessions. Draw attention to the bare features of your home.

Best Time of Day

For house visits or photo shoots, the best time to have clients and photographers over is on a clear sunny day. Natural lighting coming through windows and open spaces add a positive feel to a room and makes a house look cleaner. Check the weather forecasts to see what the predicted conditions for a particular date will be.

Make Minor Repairs

Present a house like it’s a newly built house. Patch up torn or dirty wallpaper; replace faulty bulbs; fix water pipes; and change cabinets, drawers and door hinges. Consider repainting some walls as well, especially if the colors of old rooms are too bold like purple, pink or orange. Remember to take those costs into account when you price your house for sale, though.

Primp the house that you put on the market and turn it into something that you would want to live in. Have a buyer’s perspective when scrutinizing every corner to make everything perfect. It could be hard for a first-time seller, but staging a house will be easier when you have the help of Finlay Brewer real estate agents.

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